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Over 30 Leadership Focuses you can Choose From:

YOU DETERMINE THE PRIMARY “LEADERSHIP FOCUSES” upon which you want your time to be most focused during these 48 hours of coaching together. Over 30 are offered here from Jeanne’s five decades in fulfilling and successful leadership. You choose 2 aspects you would like highlighted.

#1: Team Building and Directional Unity

#2:  Marriage and Family Health While Doing Career / Ministry

#3:  Personal Self-Care As Leaders and Personal Spiritual Rejuvenation Amidst the Drain of Career / Ministry / Life

#4:  Enhancing Creativity Through Unforgettable Story-Telling, Crafting an Interactive Experience, Personal Life-Vignettes, and Much More

#5: Volunteer Recruitment, Motivation, and Retention

#6:  Help!  I’m a Pastor’s Wife (Or A Female Working Woman). How Do I Balance Everything?

#7:  Taking Your Team’s Leadership to the Next Level

#8:  Effective Pastoral Leadership 
(either senior, executive leadership and / or associate leadership… Jeanne has served several years at all these levels)

#9:  Church / Non-Profit Fund-Raising and Capital Campaigns 
(Jeanne has raised several million dollars in the course of her ministry for churches / schools where she has been in leadership and has chaired many of those capital fundraising campaigns)

#10: Principles for Handling Criticism, Conflict, and Difficult Organizational Seasons

#11: Discipleship:  Making it an Exciting Reality, Not Just a Philosophical Concept

#12: Small Group Ministry that Really Works

#13: Youth Ministry that Impacts Long After High School

#14: Family Ministry in a Schizophrenic Society

#15: Effective Leadership / Ministry as a Female in the Middle of a “Boys’ Club World”

#16: Christian Education (church-focus)

#17: Christian Education (Kindergarten thru 12th grade accredited Christian school focus)

#18: Post High School, College and Young Adult Leadership and Programming

#19: Single Adults

#20: Women’s Ministry

#21-#30:  You name it!  Jeanne’s 5 decades of highly successful leadership makes her a game-changer in about any scope of leadership you would request her to focus on. Her depth of experience is both invaluable and almost extinct.

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